“Where Our Thoughts Go, There Goes Our Reality”

I recently had a major reminder to do what I teach – funny how that works, right? I spent three stellar weeks in Alberta, hanging out in Banff, enjoying the beauty. I also worked. It was a nice blend. But there were also interesting moments of frustrations, questions, deliberating on my decisions and choices. I was in my mental-mind-warp turning and twisting and second guessing myself. Not healthy.

I took a fast freezing-my-ass off hike along the river walking to Vermillion Lakes letting my thoughts flow and freeze with the river. I realized I’d been focusing on the negatives, on the results I didn’t want. Holy hell! Time to change that, like immediately!!!  I began thinking, imagining, feeling how it was when everything happened like I desired. I focused on All the good that was taking place, the love coming my way. I laser-beamed in on the positive words, actions, and follow through I’d witnessed but dismissed due to focusing on what I “perceived” didn’t happen. Well, you can guess what transpired; amazing things began to happen immediately. I could almost visibly see the transference of energy swirling in a loving vortex creating change before my eyes. Simply impressive, simple manifesting.


It’s ironic really. We all focus on what we don’t want rather than what we do want. Where our thoughts flow, there goes our reality. All the of us are guilty as charged, from focusing on the negatives in relationships (instead of the reasons we got together and what the connection offers) to the sucky job (instead of the good things we’ve learned and great co-workers) to how fat we are (instead of focusing on healthy food and habits) to financial woes (instead of focusing on the richness we are given in the natural world, our amazing friendships, family) to tough parenting (instead of focusing on the great traits and gifts our children do have and encouraging them from that vantage) to even distructive ~too many partners to withholding~sexual energy (instead of focusing on the positive power of intimacy with a loved one and allowing mutual organismic moments unite emotions even more solidly.)

So, what do you say? Time to collectively focus on the good, the positive, the powerful?  I’m thinking it’s the best course, the best direction. We can always flip the coin- heads or tails, different sides of the same coin. It’s up to us to choose what we perceive, what side to hang out on. In truth it’s still the same coin.

I’m focusing on goodness.

Cosmic sunshine to you.


If you’re interested in learning how to be the best version of you, emotionally, mentally and physically, please contact:

Candia Sanders

soulrayscoverCandia Sanders is an International Medical Intuitive, Healer, Author and Speaker who has helped countless thousands of people ease their medical issues, navigate important relationships and find their soul’s purpose and life direction.  Candia is also the author of the transcendent new book, “Soul Rays: Discover the Vibratory Frequency of Your Soul“.
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“It’s Time to Open the Heart Center: Lake Louise, Alberta, Is Our Mirror”

Fear. It’s not easy moving through fear. Everyone deals with it; no one is exempt. It hits on multiple levels cracking open our insecurities unraveling our self confidence and self esteem. Doesn’t matter how old we are either, fear can impact us. Fear is felt in different areas of our bodies, from our solar plexus to our heart centers, to keeping it all logically contained within our psyches so we emotionally shut down. And we wonder why heart attacks are the number one health issue with diabetes running closely behind. We have shut our centers down. And if truth be told, we are the ones holding our wildest dreams from happening, staying instead within the stranglehold of doubt, frustration, in action, non communication, “Are we enough?” Fear.

~Remember, fear is nothing more than the absence of love.❤️~

Fortunately there are methods, tricks and tools to help us shift into our better selves, into the vibe we want to emit in the world. Images, visualizations can really help awaken these vital centers. And the natural mystical world is our best image, a beautiful emotional mirror, a great energy conduit to break down our fears, erase painful memories, cleanse and open our heart centers, our love engines and start being the change we want to see in the world. Essentially we need to connect more and more to the natural world.


I was fortunate enough to spend Thanksgiving at Lake Louise, Alberta. It is as vital an energy power center on the planet as the Pyramids and Stonehenge. It vibrates to our heart chakra, our emotional love center. (The heart meridian is all about the love/anger/hate dichotomy.) Just by stepping into this natural magical vortex it triggers the wide open circuitry of greater awareness, love and gratitude. The good news is we don’t have to physically be there for the impact, the awareness, the heart-opening to occur. Visualizing the space, the mystical portal into higher octaves, is enough to open up the frequencies. Concentrate on our heart chakras as we gaze into the clear depths of this lake and allow the cool green blue waters to wash our fears away, open up our hearts to greater love, and be our magnificent love-vibe machine. Even with the white snow blanketing her depths, the energy is still Alive, visceral and accessible.

I invite you to step into these waters daily. Give yourself a month of ritualistic high mountain baths. Open your heart to possibilities. Make 2017 your best yet. ❤️

Come swim. It’s chilly but resplendent!


Cosmic sunshine to you.

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“Finding Our Location on the Cosmic Map”

Funny. The crazy past full moon’s intensity has brought up all kinds of deep emotions in many, from facing fear full frontal, to examining basic trust issues, to belief in one’s self. Always pleasant~ not! But we do what we have to, or we don’t. I have had my share of spinning-mind-dances questioning my choices as I discover my new location in the universe. And I get frustrated, uneasy, angry. But it has the space to propel me ~us~ forward into a new profound place of inner knowledge. If we “Change Our Minds,” quiet those damn monkeys, and move into quiet. Into our best latitude.

Moving into quiet winter is such a beautiful metaphor and reminder of that interior sacred space, our inner connections to that wide vast cosmic superconductor highway of foreverness. It’s hugely big, more expansive than our thoughts can wrap around. Opening that mystical doorway creates a peace within that all this external bullshit can’t shake. For me it’s in the visualization of that timeless door opening into the cosmic blue skyway that instantly calms my inner restlessness. It creates a specific location on my personal cosmic map.


I feel it’s okay to question, look within, question again, quieting the monkeys, as we work towards our best decisions, our best passions, our best expanse. Anaylize with our brilliant minds, our innate intelligence, marrying to the receptive, intuitive information we receive, and paint our most colorful daily progress around the sun. It’s about dialing in the most aligned frequencies to match our own that develops our tribe around us, our community, our cosmic family, our loves, our jobs and even our health. Trusting our intuition is paramount in finding our place in the horse latitudes.




Imagine that internal galactic gateway as we gaze towards the Milky Way on these cold crisp nights, floating among the stars in our glittery brilliance, in the silent connection. Our place on the cosmic timeless expanse. Our corner of forever.


Cosmic sunshine to you.

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Let Go: Let New Life, New Love In! Believe, Love, Embrace, Let Go, Embrace, Love, Believe!

I recently met a woman who’d lost her husband near on four years ago. She cried at the mere mention of his name. I’m sure you know others who’ve continued to hold the grief and connection with parted loved ones still within their being, making it challenging to move forward with their lives. Coming from a place of recent experience, I completely understand. Yet, I believe, those who’ve moved on, want us to be happy here at the earth level. I know if the situations were reversed I’d want my loved ones to move forward, move onward with their lives and loves.

Daily I do exercises and visualizations making sure I’m balanced, in my Light and connected to All That Is. It takes constant practice and diligence. When I’m doing visuals I check in with my inner guidance, with my former husband, my dad. I’ve been checking to see where they are in my energy fields, observing equilibrium and influence.

A friend suggested it was time to forgive Dale, my husband, and let him go. I realized I wasn’t ready. I thought of my new client not letting go, holding onto her grief. Fascinating I was in her camp. I also feel it’s part of the grieving process ~ letting go in increments and layers. It just is. However, grief really isn’t quite the right word for how I feel, especially since I float between the time zones of here and there, now and then. I’m not holding onto grief. I’m not sure if there is a word to describe the feeling, the emotion, the understanding? (It’s like being at a train station and choosing another track, a new destination. Both trains are real, valid, however there’s new and different energy and travel on the horizon.) For me too, I know it’s because I call on Dale regularly to assist me in the final pieces of business negotiations on his company, the situation that nearly buried me in duress and mental stress. I can feel him. He’s close. He also still messes with my phone and car dashboard regularly.

What I’ve done is move his energy out and above my inner emotional (frequency) circles, my energy fields. He’s still reachable however I have more maneuverable room in my heart to seek out a new world, my next best path. I really feel it’s the key. We can’t let new things into our worlds, our hearts, if we are still holding onto the past ~ whether it’s a relationship ending in disolvement, divorce, death ~ if we are still focused on this person who no longer resides with us physically. This applies to any and all things. We need to clear out the residue, the emotional debris to allow new life, new love, new opportunities to abound.

Of course, timing is different for everyone. No one way is correct or right. But the most vital piece is doing it. Moving onward. Allow those on the Other Side to move onward themselves and experience greater cosmic unity as we too expand our consciousness at this level. It’s part of the process. As I’ve always said, we are gnats on the windshield of life. It’s more than fast. We have to embrace every day we are here on this amazing ride. Believe, Love, Embrace, Let Go, Embrace, Love, Believe.

Opening space inside ourselves applies to everything! We have to believe it’s possible to create new life, new love, new careers, new journeys. I know so so many people looking for love in their lives. Too many lonely people. We are a planet rich in abundant personalities. There’s someone out there for Everyone when they’re emotionally ready. The KEY is to clear the clutter out of the heart, wipe out the “old hurts,” make the slate clean, then totally completely believe 150% that someone special wonderful awesome is coming into our world as soon as we’d like. The only thing holding us back is our belief that that person, that soul, isn’t there, or they don’t deserve someone who truly loves them, or it’ll end poorly so why begin, or, or, or. Craziness.


My entire life, I’ve always expected great people to be in my life, expected awesome men to walk the journey along side me. And it’s happened. Every step of the way because I Believe and Know it’s not only possible but it’s the way of life. It’s my strong belief in incredible love, rich experiences, connections that make it happen. Even in the wake of death. I know and believe it to be true!! ❤️

My loving invitation is to look inside, see what, where, how we are holding ourselves back on any level and move that belief, that disempowering energy, that frequency out of our hearts and allow love in, in all forms. It’s so worth it. Come walk the journey with me, holding hands in love.


Cosmic sunshine to you.


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“A Window into a Different Realm: Where My Fav Dad Has Landed”

I just had a very real current not-anywhere-near-normal-location dream about my dad. It was amazing. I woke visualizing the landscape, thinking “wow” when I had the epiphany and memory that dad was there. Another bigger “Wow!” Dad passed the 7th of September after giving it a huge go for his 88 years on the planet. He lived large with his big heart extended to everyone he met. Always the eternal optimist, he passed that gene onto me.

In the dream, I was in my childhood town, biking west on Ida Street. I remember looking south thinking my girlfriend and family lived on the other side of the hill from where I was riding; it’d be fun to visit, though of course they no longer live there. I kept riding west as the landscape changed into more rural fauna as I took a bumpier path to the left heading southwest. The air literally changed. All visages of town were gone. The shrubs, bushes, flora were more dry tropical if that’s possible. Very dense, the plants low lying. My path became narrow. There were a half a dozen warm-chocolate skinned people, all wearing dark khaki greens, melting-merging into the landscape as they walked through crops, waving as I rode past. The air took on the flavor of salt and sea as I continued riding south, ~ high up ~ on what turned out to be a large rolling steep mountain covered in vegetation that fell to the deep sea far below. It was rather disconcerting to have the ocean so close yet so far away, (an illusion of sorts) knowing with a slight turn of my tire I’d be swimming in the dark, dense, slightly calm waters.


On my left was an open air building with wrap around seating like a trailer breakfast nook. There were another half dozen people, primarily brown skinned men, who were conversing in an unknown language. Near the door and outside of the U-shaped seat was my dad, all chipper, smiling big, happy, healthy, looking to be in his early 50’s, one of his favorite times. He smiled wide and said, “Hey! You found me!” Well of course I did, silly, you’re my dad! and I’m your intuitive sleuth daughter!

He gave me one of his big bold hugs, stepped back in his jeans, suspenders and hickory shirt and started to explain what they were doing, though I was never quite clear on where we were. Definitely not of this realm. Another world, perhaps a planet in some unknown Galaxy? As he talked with me he continued to have communication with these beautiful dark green clothed, chocolate skinned people in their strange unfamiliar language. He was talking of course about the fish in the gorgeous deep dark blue sea below. They were on some kind of task force to work with the creatures of the coast and sea. He was elated beyond measure to be part of the communicating team. (My dad was a Blue Soul Ray in his life, the Ray of Communication) It was if he’d been chosen or he’d signed up, volunteered, to utilize the skills he’d mastered in several lifetimes to best support this other worldly band of specialized Eco workers.

I believe there are multiple realities in the space time continuum. I believe there are realms that reflect our own and others in much higher frequency and alignment than ours. I believe when we pass we have the ability to traverse these realties to master more of who we are, to further expand our soul matrix. Nothing is ever static either here or in the other dimensions and realms. Even science supports this. I believe we are ever pushing the boundaries exploring, being, loving, assisting, growing. As we grow, what we know as heaven, also expands and becomes more. It reflects the goodness and love within each of us.

My dad has found his calling for this moment. He can choose to be there for now or longer whatever his soul and the universe decrees. It’s all choice. Knowing him, he’ll be there for a “point,” like a star in the night sky, till he feels his mission is done, sharing his incredible optimism, his master skills and talents to help ensure positive change in the wide deep cosmic seas.


Do I believe this to be just a dream? No way!  A portal, a doorway, really a window, yes, into where an aspect of dad’s soul has landed…for now…..Abso-flipping-lutely!!

Cosmic sunshine to you.




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“Access Portals to the Other Side: Perception is Everything”

I’m sitting here waiting. Rushing, rushing to wait. I know you know this drill. It’s what we do. I’m catching a flight – or I was- and the flight was over an hour late thus destroying any hope of catching my connecting flight. Six extra hours in the airport….


But wait…I always look at life as an opportunity. So what’s here, at this airport, this corner of the galactic freeway? I’ve been listening to global conversations of political idiocies, religious differences, observing people’s expressions, watching every size, shape, color and style. It’s been fascinating. It’s also made me reflect.

I had an incredible flying dream two nights ago. In the dream I remembered how often I do this ~ fly ~ and the “ease” of cosmic travel. I was so far out in space I could see earth as a speck. What a counter balance to sitting here at PDX.  The visceral impact as well as spiritual reality of literally flying, has kept me incredibly alert here at the airport to every possible connection, every magical encounter, listening for words of wisdom from fellow traveler’s waiting for their flight. And delving into possibilities…

What if every global airport was a portal into the greater reality, traveling to other worlds, planets, to dimensional locations, to a gateway to the other side? What if? Well…why the hell not? We have power places on the planet that help awaken our senses to our true destinies. Ancient traveler’s marked this earthly power grid to assist our awakenings, our conscious expansion. Why not apply the same “perceptions, ” principles ~ because it always boils down to perception ~ to airports as power stations. A magical access on the star gate grid? If we all shifted our awareness to embrace the possibility our ticket could take us to anywhere, any when…and if we all applied this belief, this perception, then guess what? Our reality would shift. We could commute to the other side, hang out with friends and family no longer hanging in this reality, skip across to another dimension, take classes, enjoy the scenery, take in the vistas.


We are only limited by our beliefs. With the important players in my life shifting “cosmic locations,” I’ve contemplated every access route, every terminal, concourse, gateway of communication.  Of visitation. Because I believe everything is possible.

So I’m waiting ~ however I’m patient because the portals await and my “special access” boarding pass is in hand as my name is called out on the airwaves. So what do you think? What do you believe? Is everything possible? Come join me, magic awaits. Worlds wait.



Cosmic sunshine to you

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“Farewell Bend: Saying Goodbye is Never Easy: Hanging Out in the Beige”

It’s been a hell of a year for many. Whew! My naturopath’s apartment burned down about thirty minutes after she woke in the night, losing everything. My friend’s daughter lost her baby eight and a half months into the pregnancy. Their distraught disbelief and helplessness moved them into enormous grief. Another couple lost their mom, brother and cousin within nine months. Holy hell, right? I’m not alone on this journey. Many of you know my favorite and best dad passed two weeks ago having a good long run on the planet. Two powerful men in my life gone in eight months.

But this is just real life. This is the messy, hard, arduous part of being human. It just is. However, like with everything else it’s our perspective that makes or breaks a situation and how we come out on the other side. That’s why I’m hanging out in The Beige. It’s incredibly neutral, goes with anything without a lot of emotional color in any direction. It’s a great place to restore our facilities and nerves and emotions and energy. It’s calming. And when the emotional clutter and barrage and onslaught of life just get to be too  overwhelming, hey! Come join me.

So where’s The Beige? How do we get there? It’s truly a space, a place in our minds that’s clear, clutter free, like ground zero. Quiet after the storm. How I access it, and I do daily, is through various entries or portals of mind-play. For me it’s through music or nature. I stare at the sky, night or day, and just gaze, drift on the wind, catch a falling star. I reach into gratitude and access the magnificence, the beauty, the bounty of what’s before me. Gratitude takes us out of the spin. I play timeless music, sing, dance, merge with the lyrical sounds, chords, notes. I peruse new music to add to my collection. It keeps me happy and in the neutral zone by staying out of the critical analytical mind or emotional spin. It also allows me process time to move through thoughts and memories and sadness by taking it one step at a time. The best news is The Beige can help with any stress zone, any change, any negatives. And we pick and choose any color we want to add when we’re ready.


This chapter of my journey has been interesting too. When Dale died he was incredibly communicative, still is. With dad, it’s been a different story. I was with him in the hospital for twenty four hours for his final leg. He was lucid, funny, gracious. The morning of his departure, I gave him a timeline too, like I gave Dale, but for another reason. My mom. We both knew it wasn’t good for her after sixty two years to see the final exit. This has always been my job. We talked about as a kid, probably around ten, I was the one in charge. And so it was. I shared with him all the people there waiting for him. He could hear their voices but couldn’t see them -again, my job. It was great to see my great grand mother again, a woman I never met in this life. Dad had quite the entourage waiting.

The timeline I gave him was noon. He had to go by twelve. He did a pretty fine job actually, as his timing wasn’t as critical as Dale’s departure. (See the first blog in February) He left his body at 1:11, an incredibly transformative number, a spiritually active portal. And it was good. He even had all the nurses with us, gently touching or holding a hand, as they’d fallen in love with him. The room was filled with goodness. I stayed with him for another two hours talking with him out of his body. Then he split.

He’s only sent a few messages but they have been good. I was playing music for him near the end. Frank Sinatra popped up, one of his fav’s, then Donna Summer’s, “Last Dance.” So poignant. My twenty first birthday we went to Tahoe to ski for a week. Donna was playing. Dad took mom and me, paid the usher extra and we sat next to the stage. He didn’t have a clue who she was, but when she started making love with the microphone he was suddenly a fan. When her song was next in line, I Knew he had a hand in it. It was incredibly direct. It just made me the laugh.

When I got home after leaving the hospital I sat on my patio to stare at the sky. I was starting my access into The Beige. A dove flew into the large juniper behind the house. It sat up there and sang, just cooed. Doves are one my favorite birds as their song takes me into memories and stories and dad knew this. I grabbed my phone to capture the message.

And perhaps the best was while texting, the auto correct went from “a little bit” to “a Lyle.” Never in any of my auto corrects have I seen Lyle. I bet you haven’t either as its not a common name or something auto correct would automatically spell. I smiled, kept “Lyle” -it’s still in my text feed- and talked to dad for awhile. I thanked him for the visit. I know the veils are thin and all the more from his view. But dad who was caged in an incredibly compromised body, isn’t hanging close by to see through the transparency, instead is off fly fishing with his buddies in the far-off clear spring-fed rivers of nirvana.


And I’m here hanging in The Beige, gently savoring the rich memories.


Cosmic sunshine to you.

PS I invite you to listen to Grace Potter’s “Stars” as a great song to help process letting go.


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