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“Seven Steps to Creating What You Desire?”

What kind of world would you like? Think anything. What would you really like? Seriously this is what swirls in my mind a lot. I feel strongly we absolutely unequivocally have the ability to create the world we want, we … Continue reading

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“The Activation Point: How to Create Optimal Mental Foreplay”

The alarm blares startling you out of a deep warm happy slumber. You reach groggily for the button to turn the damn thing off, or push the snooze button for another blissful ten. It’s the Activation Point, the moment the … Continue reading

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“Ozone of My Mind”

The silver cold weather has been wonderfully meditative. My mind goes into the soft hum and still zone of quiet, of hushed and silent emotions to match the atmosphere. I know it’s a seasonal gift, of winter, having this ability … Continue reading

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“Learn to Reboot Bad Habits and Negative Behaviors: From Wit-Less to Wit-Full”

How many times have others commented on -unconscious to us- how much we “unwittingly” (key word here- without our “wits”) resemble our parents? Continue reading

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