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“Expect Something Good to Happen”

I’ve been sitting outside in the sun, the warm southern Alberta wind whipping through my hair. The various clouds are scattered and bulky, revealing mountain peaks behind them when they dissipate. Fires have been raging in British Columbia; even the … Continue reading

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“Special Report: ISIL Through the Eyes of Anagrams”

Global terrorism is creating a underlying level of fear throughout the world. It is erecting an expansive juxtaposition between world ideologies and faith, pulling people into opposing emotional opinion camps. Fear based opinions. People are jumping on the “War on … Continue reading

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“The Sound of Truth: You Can Hear It”

“My point is, we all have “Truth Meters” within us. Continue reading

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“Your Daily Forecast”

“Good Morning. It appears to be a mild…” (Shhh, seriously? We are to say that? Nix that idea!) “Good morning folks. It seems our calculations were off (scowling looks sent directly at prompter). We are going to have a rollicking … Continue reading

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