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“Seven Steps to Creating What You Desire?”

What kind of world would you like? Think anything. What would you really like? Seriously this is what swirls in my mind a lot. I feel strongly we absolutely unequivocally have the ability to create the world we want, we … Continue reading

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“Will Powers and Neverland: Are they Compatible Companions?”

Oh Willy.  Our absent friend and supporter of good choices. We miss you. Where have you been? Yes I’m talking about Mr. Will Powers. Our masculine base of strength and power. In a world where hedonism and entitlement are high, addictions … Continue reading

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“You Are Irradiant”

Imagine an incomparable moment Intoxicatingly impassioned ~ ideal.  Perhaps…intimate. Irresistible.  Intriguing.  Infatuating. Even idyllic. Your impetuous nature is tempered by your heightened insight, deep intuition, inviting you to slow it down,  invest in the intensity. This is inimitable. 💕 You … Continue reading

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