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“Swipe Left: If Life Were a Tinder App”

Oh the dating game. Isn’t it a joy? In less than ten seconds we base our future on a quick flick of a finger, swipe left. That small movement actually has a projectory that changes our timeline. It’s essentially a … Continue reading

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“My 2017 Top Eleven “F¥€K-It” List”

Have you thought about the things you’re just not going to do anymore or you’re finally willing to change, let go? Say “F¥€K it?!”  Rather the opposite to collecting what you do want to do, your “bucket” list?  Well I … Continue reading

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Yes, No, Maybe: How to Make the Best Possible Choices”

Decide, decide, decide. Choose or die.- emotionally, mentally, spiritually and/or physically. Yes, no, maybe. And even though it’s really, really complicated, it’s actually fairly simple. Continue reading

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