“Wisdom from My Twenty Year Old Self”

If you had the opportunity to speak to your future or past self what would you say? Would you offer insider trading or tidbits on relationships, which ones to avoid, others to work on more diligently? What would be your area of focus? You could say I had such an event this week. I had an incredible moment of synchronicity, (I love auto correct (-sometimes- Ha!) it said “secret necessities,” for synchronicities. I’m going to have to keep that one. It’ll be my next blog – Isn’t that wonderful?) that in someways was almost surreal.


Wednesday evening I was in my garage going through boxes. I’m still in the process of unpacking and moving into my  home. This particular box I had ignored. I opened it up and realized it was from college. I shook my head and thought to myself, “I can’t believe I’m still packing this stuff around?? I must be crazy!” I skimmed through the top layers and reached in and pulled out a seven subject ringed binder.  It had a list of the classes for that term at the front. One of my favorite classes in college happened to be in this binder, Modern Art. I skipped to that section. My writing was clear, artistic and easily readable. I had written copious notes because I loved the topic. I casually flipped a page and it said Monday, January 16. Several pages further, Wednesday, January 18, 1978, the day I was actually reading in the present. I was reading this on Wednesday, January 18, 2017.  It wasn’t January 18 on a Saturday or Friday it was the exact same day of the week: Wednesday. I was absolutely stunned and amazed. I had not been through this box since college and here I am reading information on the exact day. What compelled me at that moment, that day to decide to finally discover what was hidden beneath the lid? A psychic nudge perhaps?Thirtynine years later and here I am reading what my twenty year old self had written. I laughed as I could feel myself writing some of the funny things I’d scribbled throughout. I’m still that girl. I would call that incredible magic, synchronicity, and stepping into the incredible cosmic time loop.


I instantly brought it inside to scour the rest of my notes to see if there were any hidden messages my younger self was telling my future self. The fascinating thing was the topic was France in the mid-1800s and how the political influences and challenges between the left and the right, the Republicans and essentially the socialists were impacting art on all levels. I thought to myself, well, nothing much has changed, right? We are still dealing with incredible dualities globally today that impact art, music, drama, writing and all forms of artistic expression.

*In absorbing the energy from the notebook, I believe my twenty year old self in hearing her voice in my mind, was sharing to laugh more, be spontaneous, essentially to flirt daily with life. Dive into the subjects you love, learn as much as you can. Absorb the richness of life around you in the here and now. She was very much in the present.

And what if this was about a wisdom exchange between us both, past to present, present to past? What would I share with her that would make her life better from my experience, knowledge and wisdom? In reality she hasn’t the years yet to share deep knowledge. I’ve now decades of life and sadness and joy ~wisdom~ to impart.

*The first thing I would share with her is to understand loyalty is a wonderful attribute however if it’s detrimental to you, your health and your emotional well-being then it’s okay to cut ties and chords earlier. You don’t have to hang on to the bitter end. The universe will still love and support your decisions.  As the old saying goes, oxygen on first.

*Next I would suggest, don’t postpone your life for a man. They are wonderful souls and beings, you can’t live without them and they enhance your life, however don’t hold yourself back due to relationships. Go live large! Again as as the adage goes, “To thine own self be true.”

*Thirdly, don’t let fear bridle you. You have what it takes to reach the stars, just do it, go for it. The only one that hurts by suppressing your inner nature, ~thinking of what others might feel or think~  is you.  You believe in everyone else’s talents and gifts, do the same for yourself.

*And lastly there would be a handful of guys I would definitely tell her to avoid like the plague!

Believing as I do, like Einstein, that all time is simultaneous, and that all time frames, dimensions and realities can influence the others, I have sent these suggestions, encouragements and invitations to my 20-year-old soon to be 21-year-old self. I believe in helping her reshape her future, I become better today at who I am. I too am taking her advice into my heart. I’m feeling the truth of her awareness.

I invite you all to share your wisdom, your knowledge, your experiences with some aspect of yourself to encourage that part you to be the best you can be so in today’s version You Are!



Cosmic sunshine to you.


Candia Sanders is an International Medical Intuitive, Healer, Author and Speaker who has helped countless thousands of people ease their medical issues, navigate important relationships and find their soul’s purpose and life direction. Candia is also the author of the transcendent new book, “Soul Rays: Discover the Vibratory Frequency of Your Soul“.


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“Silence for Safety vs Awakened Communication”

Life goes in cycles, it just does. From every grand natural cycle down to our personal seasons and the dances we all do together. We are all learning together even when we feel we are separate, we are all in the game as a whole. I love how this works. We have all experienced the feelings of others lovingly supporting us or sending bad juju. We impact each other. Thus the emotional cycles.


Infidelity came up on the “cycle” radar this week, as we do the cycles simultaneously, supporting and learning from each other. Several clients were digging into their emotional insecurities and pathways infidelity took them on, even down to deep unadulterated rage triggering thoughts of crimes of passion. Not a fun process. Infidelity elicits a myriad of feelings; fear, humiliation, huge doubt, anger, blame, shame, hatred, loathing, rage, not feeling enough, “I am not enough.” This is an issue, a challenge we have dealt with as a species since we chose love versus survival. We became “possessive.”


One of the big life lessons I’ve learned through the process of the last several years is the Buddist concept of “detachment.” I’ve never understood it. Seriously, how can I not love my kids, family, friends “to death”…literally? It’s how we are hardwired. However, through the death process as well as doing readings always seeing multiple sides to situations, because in truth there always are, even with infidelity, I’ve come to a place of “nonjudgmental observation.” “Detachment.” To detach from our preconceived conceptions of outcome. Doesn’t ever take away the love, the deep feelings of intensity, yet it’s allowed me to see there are multiple pathways for each of us to take, to feel, to experience. Everyone has their story. It is not ours to control! I had to let go, “detach” from my husband’s disease, to be fully present in each twenty four hour cycle, to breathe in the hours. I feel the same is true with anything, even sex, especially sex. If we become present, to our emotions, fully engaged in our days, the moment, the process, the intimacy being offered, our lover’s emotions, first of all, the sex becomes delicious, intoxicatingly wonderful, and more than likely, infidelity won’t occur. Seriously why would it when it feels so good, “here?”

But if it’s does, viewing from a higher level of detachment, recognizing the steps that were taken to get there, puts the responsibility back in our court to see our participation in the passion play. It also creates a more powerful pathway to the other side of the situation. No one just does something without some cause, provocation, even if it’s buried in some subconscious vault yet to be discovered. There is always a reason. Feelings and insecurities run on both sides of the equation which can spark multiple outcomes and directions, thewhys” of our choices, (How “Wise” are we?). It depends on our own self worth.

It’s how we operate. We go into our heads, expecting, without communicating our needs, desires, sharing the depth of our caring. We withhold and withdraw then wonder why our significant other becomes distracted and looks elsewhere. Bottom line is lack of communication. Deep communication about how we really feel, our insecurities, our loves. Our needs. Very few ever achieve this. Why? Because how many take time to discover what truly feeds their soul? How can we communicate our needs if we don’t take time to learn, discover, uncover our own deepest heart-filling passions?  Life coach, personal energizer, Danielle Laport in her raw honesty, states in a recent newsletter headline, “All my failures can be traced to my silence.” Now that’s brilliant! Because it’s true for all of us at that subterranean, complex, mysterious, emotional strata. We don’t speak our truths. If we don’t speak, don’t get involved, don’t dive, we don’t get hurt. But we also don’t fully live and love and embrace life when we live on the surface, don’t question, ask, get involved and reveal ourselves to the light. We chose silence for safety. And our intimacy suffers.

And on another level, another plateau, we are not always supposed to stay with a particular person, a soul, for a duration. Thus infidelity. They come into our lives briefly or decades to teach us better qualities about ourselves. If we choose to listen, be aware and learn. It’s always up to us and how deep we want to dive.


Life is a series of choices. We can choose to be surface skimmers, non communicative, uninvolved, caught up in the superficial bull shit. Or we can dig in, realize we have an emotional treasure trove awaiting our discovery, can ask questions of ourselves, life and each other, opening the silence to a cacophony of awakened communication. And sex.

Cosmic sunshine to you.



Candia Sanders is an International Medical Intuitive, Healer, Author and Speaker who has helped countless thousands of people ease their medical issues, navigate important relationships and find their soul’s purpose and life direction. Candia is also the author of the transcendent new book, “Soul Rays: Discover the Vibratory Frequency of Your Soul“.



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“My 2017 Top Eleven “F¥€K-It” List”

Have you thought about the things you’re just not going to do anymore or you’re finally willing to change, let go? Say “F¥€K it?!”  Rather the opposite to collecting what you do want to do, your “bucket” list?  Well I have. These last several years, starting back in 2011 when my late husband had a fairly bad stroke which impacted him till he died, to his diagnosis with cancer, all the alternative and allopathic treatments, to the rounds of chemo and unnecessary radiation- watching someone you love suffer- my life changed. No one knows unless they too have walked this path, how it depletes your emotional reserves, zaps your energy, and puts your mind on overload. It takes time to recover, heal, feel normal. It brings you to a place of how vital each day is, what’s critical and what isn’t. It becomes crystal clear.


In the healing process, it’s very revealing what is good or no longer works in your life because your location has changed, perspective shifted. Clearing out the emotional baggage, recycling the heavily burdened, beatup luggage, is not only essential it’s mandatory. Thus my New Years list.

“F¥€K It” numero uno: “Im not going to concern myself with what others think about my choices, decisions and directions!!” Obviously I’m pretty good at not being consumed with others thoughts, otherwise I’d never stepped up to the psychic plate, however, when you deal with someone else’s family and friends after a death, and they all have opinions on what you do or don’t do, and what’s appropriate and inappropriate, how to grieve etc and you want to keep everyone happy, it becomes a heavy chore. I’m done. If people don’t like my choices, walk in my shoes.

I feel this applies to all of us. If we’re doing the very best we can at any given moment with the tools we’ve been given, then five gold stars to us! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

“F¥€K It” number two: “Nix being perfect.” I have been a perfectionist my entire life. Ironically it’s not about the world around me being perfect, it’s me. My thoughts, actions, looks, all perfect. Life,  through the “bulldozer method” of the last several years, has taught me, it’s not only impossible, it’s not reality at this level.  Age also has a way of balancing that perfection, as it slinks and sinks and reshapes our physicality. So my house is a bit messy, my hair curly and wild, my body less firm, live in yoga pants and Uggs, I stay up late and sleep in longer, eat organic chocolate and down honey, and I’m happy with me. Perfectionism is down the drain.

“F¥€K It” number three: “I’m going to say what I feel.” This past year I’ve been angry and hurt and mad and sad and have said my share of inappropriate words under my breath. Me who never says the “F” word, (there goes my perfectionism.) I have been put into very uncomfortable situations with the stress bearing down on me like a twelve story building. I’ve had to be politically correct and keep peace. I’ve had to hold my tongue then later scream at the sky. So F-It! Screw being PC. If this is the truth, the facts and is what is, then these will be my words. I will speak my truth. I’m in complete upfront honesty. Zero subterfuge and subtleties.

“F¥€K It” number four: “Im not listening to the negativity of the world, I’m leaving the drama behind.”  After my husband died a year ago, I turned off the TV. He was a total news junkie, living on Fox and CNN switching back and forth soaking in all the hyperbole, all the negativity.  I have always been intangled in the political arena and the dark underpinnings of the planet. I’ve taken a vacay. I’m not missing the constant negativity. I know I still get the vital pieces of news that are pertinent yet I’m not becoming embroiled in the gigantic division and polarity that has divided this county. I was given grief because I wasn’t caught up in the Hilary/Trump madness and the upcoming inauguration. F-It! I’m not going there!  I am creating my positive environment choosing the reality I want to live in yet totally aware.

“F¥€K It” number five: “I’m not feeling obligated.” I come from a family of saints. No kidding. My aunt, we’ve called Saint Sharon for some time and my cousin Shawn is now following closely behind to take up her crown. They cover every ceremony, every birthday, every everything. Me? Not so much. I’m invited by wonderful people to do things, share events and yet due to my healing process still don’t have that extra element, extra cush to participate. So I’m saying thank you very much, I’m grateful, but I have to say no thank you, not yet.

“F¥€K It” number six: “No more Worry.”  This is a family dynamic. Worry. I’m also surrounded by those who worry and fret and become anxious over all this “What If?” bull shit. What if this, what if that, and I’m worried about so and so and I’m worried to death about the state of the world etc etc etc. Well hell. Worry breeds worry. It’ll kill us, this worry, this fear. It totally stresses out the nervous system shortening our lives by inches, feet, years. Besides all it does is eat away at the confidence of the people we’re worrying about, back-firing the purpose. It never changed the cancer either. So F-It to worry. Instead I’m chosing peace and trust and calm.

“F¥€K It” number seven: “I’m going to say Yes!” I’ve been in the position I’ve had to say no to a lot of things, I’ve wanted to do. Now, I’m going to say yes to things, ~to life~ without feeling obligated and doing things I’d regret if I didn’t. Life is just too damn short. It’s literally time to make this the very best year, the very best time with what I have before me, with the tools I’ve been given, even with the goodbyes I’ve had to say. I know they wouldn’t want it any other way.

“F¥€K It” number eight: “To being practical at the expense of time and space.” I was raised by Depression babies. We save, recycle, reuse. From plastic baggies to holiday boxes, you name it we reuse it. Only, I’ve now moved to a one car garage home. There is no room for extras and things I might use again in ten years. I’m incredibly practical and can squeeze more out of a dollar than most. However, I’ve made the decision to take my husband’s new sport coats and dress shirts he wore once to Good Will so someone can use them who could really benefit. The dress bag represents several thousand dollars, however it’s time to let go and give instead of trying to make money from them which takes up valuable time. It makes my heart lighter. And it gives me more closet space. Nice. This is not practical but it’s smart.

“F¥€K It” number nine: “I’m going to sing!” My dad couldn’t carry a tune in a paper bag and had zero rhythm. Fortnuately I got my mom’s musical talents but have been convinced I couldn’t sing. I love music. I could’ve been a DJ, won music knowledge contests but still have shied away. Till now. I love to sing in the shower, in my car and  up close and personal. I’m no singer however I’m going to enjoy music in the way I’ve clamored for even if it’s in the privacy of my car. If my windows are down you might want to roll yours up but I’m going for it, F-it!

🎼I believe if we all sing and dance and unite under the umbrella of musical communication, the world will be a better place.🎼

“F¥€K It” number ten: “I’m laughing at everything!” Actually if looked at from the right angle, everything has the opportunity to be funny otherwise comedians wouldn’t have any fodder. Besides laughter is truly our best medicine combined with love. It’s time to find the absurdity in everything, the comedy in the drama. Make a point to laugh daily. Even in my sadness, I learned to laugh. Now it’s at most things.  As Shakespeare so wisely stated, “All life’s a stage,” so it might as well be “As you like it.”

“F¥€K It” number eleven: “I’m going for it!” Im going to utilize my talents. I’m not alone. We all have gifts and talents and tools to offer each other and the world, but we hold ourselves back from our true creativity for multitudes of reasons. Obligations, responsibilities, fears, timing. Or we think we’re not good enough. Well F-it! I’m going for it. I’ve written several books that need revision, healing card’s that need finishing, books I’ve out lined, paintings I’ve imagined. Well it’s just plain time to step up to the plate, make them materialize into reality.

If we all followed through with our dreams of growing a garden, building a green house, cooking great Italian, learning to track, carving a totem pole, to everything else in between we’ve wanted to learn and accomplish, we’d be a happier species. Laugh more too.  So no more excuses. Every day take one step closer to your dreams. It’s time to live without drama, live in and with peace. But we have to do it. It won’t happen without our participation. Join me with your own F-it list.


Cosmic sunshine to you.


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“The Dragon’s Gate: an Ancient Access to New Beginnings and Awareness”

How are your visualization skills? Rusty? Okay? Great? I fortunately have an over active imagination which helps tremendously, however it has gotten me into trouble on more than one occasion. (Wink wink) This morning I had this awesome ~I feel to be an “ancient access”~ vision come into my mind I thought I’d share.  So perhaps if your envisioning skills are a bit dodgy at the moment perhaps this tale will aid the process. On the heels of seeing it in my mind, a friend text me this hilarious message that falls under the same umbrella of having difficulty picturing and dreaming what we want, desire.

“I was listening to Ester Hicks and got tired of wanting what I was wanting and not getting what I was wanting therefore was manifesting my unwanting.”

Perfectly said. Funny too.

Visuals really help big time with creating what we desire: if we can see it, we can create it.

2016 hasn’t been an easy year for a great many. Let’s close the doors on it and open a new reality. Obviously I’m speaking to myself as well.

Relax. Breathe deeply. You don’t even have to close your eyes. Active daydreaming.

“See yourself as an old-world traveler, clothed in a rich sumptuous coat or long velvet hooded cape. See the colors. Smell the woodsy scent in the material, mossy spice wafting up as you move, heavy warm fabric wrapping you in comfort, timeworn memories embedded in the threads. The air is cold and crisp as you walk through calf deep snow, the light crystals brush and float away in the breeze, their prisms captured in the afternoon rays of winter’s light. You breathe deeply, the tangible frosty air filling your lungs with aliveness that comes from this time of year.

As you walk through the snow along an ancient path, late-light filters through the forest, the trees backlit in silver. The hushed quiet from the blanket of winter white creates a higher extra sensory altertness, a sharp internal signal to pay attention to every detail, every nuance of information directed at you from the cosmic wonderland you are traversing.

Ahead of you beyond a copse of snow dusted trees, is a stout ornamental iron fence with an ancient gated entrance. Dense foliage blocks any view beyond and through the intricately forged black steel. Even the gate’s view is concealed with meandering vines long spreading their flowering boldness, now color-bare in winter’s tale. Something inside of you quickens, your heartbeat excited, not really comprehending the magnitude of your discovery.


You walk quickly through the dampness anticipatory, your hand stretching to the gate handle. Before you grasp the knob you take in the carved beauty of ancestral woods sealed together in a dragon carving, the tail and talons embracing the entire width of smooth worn wood. Glittering topaz marks the eyes. A Dragon’s Gate. An ancient sign post, a portal. Somewhere inside of you, you knew this was your destination but had forgotten the path, however your forever self has always known the way. And here you are, excited, anxious, ready. You grab the Dragon handle, turning the now very warm wood in your hand. Very warm alive – wood. Or is it wood?? You feel a rhythm, a heartbeat – movement beneath your fingers. You gasp at the thought, the old magic tingling in your palm. The gate pushes wide by the weight of your strength, an electrical pulse still coursing through your body. Still very little is viewed beyond the opening gate, the vista still shrouded in nature’s expertise. You out of innate knowing and respect, turn and close the heavy metal barrier to the path behind you, to a past you no longer need repeat. A weight is lifted from your shoulders as you latch the handle and lock. You take another deep breath, sigh, let it out slowly, hands and head in supplemation against the gate. You turn slowly around.


In closing the door to your past, a new vista has magically appeared, a boldly bright, richly colored expanse of nature’s bounty. The sky is brilliant blue, trees vivid in various greens, fauna dense with sweet smelling flowers, their scents filling your senses with headiness. You gasp at the vast variance in where you’d just been and where you discover yourself now. A new world, a new vision, a new direction, a new frequency. Warmth settles in your bones. Peace envelops your senses. You remove the velvet cape. The sunlight strong, heats up your cold extremities. You know beyond a shadow of doubt, the negative challenges, heartache, loss, pain, discomfort, sadness, insecurities, the derisiveness, separation, lack of engagement, are behind you in every form. It’s a new beginning, a new year, a new vibration. And you are here now beyond the Dragon’s Gate to embrace living, be bold, strong, Alive. It’s time to act and be the best you, you chose eons ago. Old excuses have evaporated. There is only now. The path you choose is yours. Live Free.”


Here’s to preparing for the solstice, the time when veils are thin, the sun standing still to make way for our easy access to other worlds. To me, it’s the beginning of a new year.

As a gift to you, here is the visualization to assist with closing the door on defunct and outmoded thinking. It is only five minutes. Long enough to accomplish change, short enough to add into any day’s schedule.

Cosmic sunshine to you.

Post script. In writing this I wrote what I was seeing. I’d forgotten about the ancient gate of Ishtar in Babylon, guarded by the Sirrush Dragons, pictured above. This is what I mean by ancient. I love when intuition is validated by tangible things.

I also believe Dragons are real. I believe they live in parallel universes and from time to time have jumped the barriers between the worlds and have lived here as well. There are far too many references throughout the historical world for this not to be true, both benevolent and fierce. Since all time is Now, they are alive and well.

soulrayscoverCandia Sanders is an International Medical Intuitive, Healer, Author and Speaker who has helped countless thousands of people ease their medical issues, navigate important relationships and find their soul’s purpose and life direction.  Candia is also the author of the transcendent new book, “Soul Rays: Discover the Vibratory Frequency of Your Soul“.
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“Where Our Thoughts Go, There Goes Our Reality”

I recently had a major reminder to do what I teach – funny how that works, right? I spent three stellar weeks in Alberta, hanging out in Banff, enjoying the beauty. I also worked. It was a nice blend. But there were also interesting moments of frustrations, questions, deliberating on my decisions and choices. I was in my mental-mind-warp turning and twisting and second guessing myself. Not healthy.

I took a fast freezing-my-ass off hike along the river walking to Vermillion Lakes letting my thoughts flow and freeze with the river. I realized I’d been focusing on the negatives, on the results I didn’t want. Holy hell! Time to change that, like immediately!!!  I began thinking, imagining, feeling how it was when everything happened like I desired. I focused on All the good that was taking place, the love coming my way. I laser-beamed in on the positive words, actions, and follow through I’d witnessed but dismissed due to focusing on what I “perceived” didn’t happen. Well, you can guess what transpired; amazing things began to happen immediately. I could almost visibly see the transference of energy swirling in a loving vortex creating change before my eyes. Simply impressive, simple manifesting.


It’s ironic really. We all focus on what we don’t want rather than what we do want. Where our thoughts flow, there goes our reality. All the of us are guilty as charged, from focusing on the negatives in relationships (instead of the reasons we got together and what the connection offers) to the sucky job (instead of the good things we’ve learned and great co-workers) to how fat we are (instead of focusing on healthy food and habits) to financial woes (instead of focusing on the richness we are given in the natural world, our amazing friendships, family) to tough parenting (instead of focusing on the great traits and gifts our children do have and encouraging them from that vantage) to even distructive ~too many partners to withholding~sexual energy (instead of focusing on the positive power of intimacy with a loved one and allowing mutual organismic moments unite emotions even more solidly.)

So, what do you say? Time to collectively focus on the good, the positive, the powerful?  I’m thinking it’s the best course, the best direction. We can always flip the coin- heads or tails, different sides of the same coin. It’s up to us to choose what we perceive, what side to hang out on. In truth it’s still the same coin.

I’m focusing on goodness.

Cosmic sunshine to you.


If you’re interested in learning how to be the best version of you, emotionally, mentally and physically, please contact:

Candia Sanders

soulrayscoverCandia Sanders is an International Medical Intuitive, Healer, Author and Speaker who has helped countless thousands of people ease their medical issues, navigate important relationships and find their soul’s purpose and life direction.  Candia is also the author of the transcendent new book, “Soul Rays: Discover the Vibratory Frequency of Your Soul“.
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“It’s Time to Open the Heart Center: Lake Louise, Alberta, Is Our Mirror”

Fear. It’s not easy moving through fear. Everyone deals with it; no one is exempt. It hits on multiple levels cracking open our insecurities unraveling our self confidence and self esteem. Doesn’t matter how old we are either, fear can impact us. Fear is felt in different areas of our bodies, from our solar plexus to our heart centers, to keeping it all logically contained within our psyches so we emotionally shut down. And we wonder why heart attacks are the number one health issue with diabetes running closely behind. We have shut our centers down. And if truth be told, we are the ones holding our wildest dreams from happening, staying instead within the stranglehold of doubt, frustration, in action, non communication, “Are we enough?” Fear.

~Remember, fear is nothing more than the absence of love.❤️~

Fortunately there are methods, tricks and tools to help us shift into our better selves, into the vibe we want to emit in the world. Images, visualizations can really help awaken these vital centers. And the natural mystical world is our best image, a beautiful emotional mirror, a great energy conduit to break down our fears, erase painful memories, cleanse and open our heart centers, our love engines and start being the change we want to see in the world. Essentially we need to connect more and more to the natural world.


I was fortunate enough to spend Thanksgiving at Lake Louise, Alberta. It is as vital an energy power center on the planet as the Pyramids and Stonehenge. It vibrates to our heart chakra, our emotional love center. (The heart meridian is all about the love/anger/hate dichotomy.) Just by stepping into this natural magical vortex it triggers the wide open circuitry of greater awareness, love and gratitude. The good news is we don’t have to physically be there for the impact, the awareness, the heart-opening to occur. Visualizing the space, the mystical portal into higher octaves, is enough to open up the frequencies. Concentrate on our heart chakras as we gaze into the clear depths of this lake and allow the cool green blue waters to wash our fears away, open up our hearts to greater love, and be our magnificent love-vibe machine. Even with the white snow blanketing her depths, the energy is still Alive, visceral and accessible.

I invite you to step into these waters daily. Give yourself a month of ritualistic high mountain baths. Open your heart to possibilities. Make 2017 your best yet. ❤️

Come swim. It’s chilly but resplendent!


Cosmic sunshine to you.

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“Finding Our Location on the Cosmic Map”

Funny. The crazy past full moon’s intensity has brought up all kinds of deep emotions in many, from facing fear full frontal, to examining basic trust issues, to belief in one’s self. Always pleasant~ not! But we do what we have to, or we don’t. I have had my share of spinning-mind-dances questioning my choices as I discover my new location in the universe. And I get frustrated, uneasy, angry. But it has the space to propel me ~us~ forward into a new profound place of inner knowledge. If we “Change Our Minds,” quiet those damn monkeys, and move into quiet. Into our best latitude.

Moving into quiet winter is such a beautiful metaphor and reminder of that interior sacred space, our inner connections to that wide vast cosmic superconductor highway of foreverness. It’s hugely big, more expansive than our thoughts can wrap around. Opening that mystical doorway creates a peace within that all this external bullshit can’t shake. For me it’s in the visualization of that timeless door opening into the cosmic blue skyway that instantly calms my inner restlessness. It creates a specific location on my personal cosmic map.


I feel it’s okay to question, look within, question again, quieting the monkeys, as we work towards our best decisions, our best passions, our best expanse. Anaylize with our brilliant minds, our innate intelligence, marrying to the receptive, intuitive information we receive, and paint our most colorful daily progress around the sun. It’s about dialing in the most aligned frequencies to match our own that develops our tribe around us, our community, our cosmic family, our loves, our jobs and even our health. Trusting our intuition is paramount in finding our place in the horse latitudes.




Imagine that internal galactic gateway as we gaze towards the Milky Way on these cold crisp nights, floating among the stars in our glittery brilliance, in the silent connection. Our place on the cosmic timeless expanse. Our corner of forever.


Cosmic sunshine to you.

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