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Evocative musings… engage my thoughts of late scent of enticing behavior exploring earthy environs music erotically stimulating the taste exquisite  exciting  yet enigmatic… the mind wanders remembering an old love. We shared enthralling escapades in exotic places We were euphoric  … Continue reading

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Moon beams magnify   night magic mitigating my mortality. I meditate on the metaphysical  mysterious   light in darkness feeling masterful and multiloquent talking to nightjars and fireflies my words meticulous. My mood now mercurial I’m mesmerized in magnificence moonstruck before the … Continue reading

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“As Above So Below”

My room is a glittering lighted sky. Serious moonlight filters through stained glass. Winking white diamonds illuminate the shadows. With lamp light low, I see multitudes of candles glowing archaic formations ancient golden constellations warriors and gypsies, mystics and monks … Continue reading

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“Ozone of My Mind”

The silver cold weather has been wonderfully meditative. My mind goes into the soft hum and still zone of quiet, of hushed and silent emotions to match the atmosphere. I know it’s a seasonal gift, of winter, having this ability … Continue reading

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“Swirl Your Awakened Mind”

Rare moments When thunderous clarity erupts Like lightening arcing across a dark sky, Capturing profound electricity – Hold the frequency, the memory Close Inside your heart, Remembering. Swirl your awakened mind Your open heart Like a fulcrum Dancing across the … Continue reading

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